Brodskiy Alexander

areas of specializationHistory of philosophy, ethics, logic.

academic degreeDoctor of Philosophy, Professor.

affiliationSt. Petersburg State University, department of ethics.;



Мikhail Tareev.: SPb.: Publishing house of SPBU, 1994. – 80 p.

In search of an effective ethos. The rationale for morality in ethical thought of the XIX century – SPb.: Publishing house of SPBU, 1999. – 152 p.

Logic of Ideologies. From the history of political thought XIX-XX centuries – SPb.: Publishing house "Osipov", 2006. – 90 p.

Images of fate in philosophy and literature of the XIX-XX centuries – SPb.: Publishing house of SPBU, 2011. – 122 p.

Projects of the Silver Age. Philosophical ideas of Russian Modern. – SPb.: Publishing house of SPBU, 2011. – 324 p. (Co-author А.Е. Rybas)

Vladimir Solovev – SPb: Publishing house "Science", 2016 –  256 p.


Philosophical interpretation of fiction (on the example of 19th century Russian literature). – SPb., 2009. – 120 p. (Co-author V. S. Nikonenko).

History of Russian PhilosophySPb.: Publishing house of SPBU, 2012. – 354 p. – SPB.: Publishing house of SPBU, 2012. – 354 p. (Co-authors: N. I. Bezlepkin, А. F. Zamaleev, I. I. Evlampiev, А. V. Malinov, I. D. Osipov, А. Е. Rybas, S. А. Troitskiy).


Articles on zones of cultural exclusion and frontier zones:

The time of the transubstantiation of the holy giftsKyiv Theology and Russian Enlightenment // THE BULLETIN OF ST.PETERSBURG UNIVERSITY. SERIES 17: PHILOSOPHY. CONFLICTOLOGY. CULTUROLOGY. RELIGIOUS STUDIES, 2015. — № 1. — P. 89-9.


Who shall ascend into the mountain of the Lord? Poland, Russia and Ukraine in the light of the Messianic idea. // Veche: almanac of Russian philosophy and culture, 2015. — № 27. — P. 183-206. (Translation into Polish: Kto wstąpi na górę Pana. Polska, Rosja i Ukraina w świetle idei mesjanistycznychnego // Myśl Polska w obszarze rosyjskojęzycznym — Kraków, — 2016. — P. 27-55).


TRAUMA AND CONSTRUCTION IN NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS On the material of the history of Eastern European Jews of the late XIX - early XX century // PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE, 2015. — № 12. — P. 1783-1793.


The Features of Russian liberalism // SGEM International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES and ARTS 2014, 2015. — Vol. Book 3., — № Vol. 1. — P. 719 – 726.


Anatomy of tradition.  Physiological and semiotic foundations of repression and actualization in culture // Studia Culturae, 2016. - № 4 (30) – P.18 – 29.


ETSI DEUS NON DARETUR. Logical and theological grounds of liberalism // Star, 2016. — №12. — P. 238-247.

And also more than 100 articles on the history of philosophy and ethics.

selected video

Lecture course "Introduction to the Philosophy of the Narrative. Biblical plots in European culture"(2017)

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